And We're Off!

Happy June! We’ve kicked off the summer with our first of-fish-al (heh) basket. Subscribers to Alaskans Own have spent the weekend enjoying fresh ling and halibut fillets. 

Jeff Farvour, a friend of AO and a wonderful fisherman up here in Sitka, caught this month’s halibut. For our new subscribers, halibut is the “king” of flatfish. They can grow up to nine feet long, and live up to fifty years. They’re also one of the tastiest—and most prized—fish in the sea!

When born, halibut have one eye on each side of their head (like most other fish). But as young halibut move from their free-floating “baby” stage into their life as bottom-dwellers, their left eye migrates over the right side of their head.

Although we can usually trace each piece of fish to a single boat, your lingcod is another story. Why? Well it all has to do with something called “bycatch.” Bycatch is a fish (or any other type of marine animal) that is unintentionally caught by a fisherman targeting a different species of fish. And although line fishing is the most sustainable form of fishing with the lowest rates of bycatch, if a lingy spots a juicy piece of bait, nothing is going to stop it from chomping down on that hook.

Alaskans Own aims to use all our fishermen’s bycatch, which means that your succulent slab of lingcod could come from any number of our boats. So, instead, rest easy knowing you’re eating the fruit of the most sustainable fishery, from the most sustainable company operating within it, and enjoy.