Stories from Alaskans Own and the Alaska Longline Fishermen's Association

Alaskans Own, which is a program of the nonprofit fishermen's alliance the Alaska Longline Fishermen's Association, is proud to house Docklines, a hub of online stories and news meant to update customers, environmentally-minded citizens, and the general public about the issues, priorities, and stories that are important to the Southeast Alaskan small scale fishing fleet. 

From bringing our readers and supporters "how I started fishing" stories, tales about strange fish sightings, our favorite recipes, new from fish world, and more, Docklines is here to connect you straight to the fisherfolks who are bringing fantastic seafood from beautiful Southeast Alaska straight to your plate. 


Winter 2015                                             August 2013                                                July 2012  

October 2014                                            July 2013                                                   June 2012 

July 2014                                                 June 2013                                                August 2011 

June 2014                                                 May 2013                                                     July 2011

May 2014                                            September 2012                                                 June 2011

October 2013                                          August 2012                                                  May 2011 


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