There are countless reasons to join AO, but here are a few: 



Alaskans Own fishermen have made a conscious choice to fish in a sustainable manner, and are committed to protecting the abundance and diversity of the nation's oceans for generations to come.  Many are members of ALFA's innovative Fishery Conservation Network, a unique model that engages fishermen in scientific research to address resource conservation issues like fuel efficiency and whale depredation from the ground up. Read all about them here



Alaskans Own fishing families harvest seafood using hook and line gear. Both techniques have some of the lowest rates of bycatch, and lowest impacts on the ocean habitat in the industry, and both mean individually handled, high quality fish.  

Each Alaskans Own fish is individually landed, gill bled and chilled within minutes of leaving the ocean. They are then processed at a Sitka-based processing facility into conveniently sized, vacuum-packed frozen fillets. 

Hook and line caught seafood retains the best possible taste and texture. Check out our Species Manifesto for more about species and fishing methods. 



In joining Alaskans Own, subscribers are choosing to be more than just consumers. They are taking an active part in protecting the abundance and diversity of the nation's oceans for generations to come. 

We recognize that it doesn't matter if the fishermen are doing everything right if they don't have the support of consumers. That's why we keep our subscribers in the loop, providing regular updates on issues and stories from the fisheries world. 


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