AO Spring Sale!

10% off all orders, and 15% off orders over 40 lbs!

CSF Subscriptions for the 2018 season will be open soon- but, you can order delicious, sustainably-caught seafood any time of the year!  100% of Alaskans Own profits support ALFA's mission of robust resource stewardship, and sustaining small boat, family fishermen.




Everyone benefits from strong coastal communities, healthy fisheries, and supporting our small boat fishing fleets. Along with our parent organization, the Alaska Longline Fishermen's Association, Alaskans Own works to engage & educate fishermen and the public in issues that affect our oceans and fishery resources. 

There are several opportunities for fishermen and the public to take part in work and advocate for our fisheries!


Meet a few of our Fishery Conservation Network fishermen and learn more about AO! 


As Alaska's first Community Supported Fishery (CSF), Alaskans Own gives seafood eaters the opportunity to take the health and sustainability of wild fisheries and Alaska’s coastal communities into their own hands.

Alaskans Own is a non-profit, community supported fisheries program. 

Joining Alaskans Own is about a lot more than buying great fish. It’s an investment in the health of both fish and fisherman, in a cleaner environment, more vibrant local economies and a better future for Alaska.

All profits from Alaskans Own will go directly towards supporting fishery conservation research, initiatives to keep fishing access rights local and other efforts to ensure the health and longevity of Alaskan fisheries. 

Learn to cook frozen coho with Beth, a local chef and fisherman. 


Alaskans Own provides high quality, frozen seafood to subscribers and customers in Alaska and throughout the country.

Not only do we believe that working with frozen fish allows us to guarantee the highest and most consistent quality, but we know that frozen seafood is better for fishermen, consumers, and the planet as a whole. Alaskans Own has been working to study and change American attitudes towards frozen seafood since its launch as a Community Supported Fishery (CSF) program in 2009. 

Read more about frozen seafood here. 


who we are

Alaskans Own is a program of the Alaska Sustainable Fisheries Trust (ASFT) and the Alaska Longline Fishermen's Association  (ALFA): an alliance of over 150 small-boat fishing families who are committed to fighting for good fisheries policy and research supporting resource conservation. 

what we do

Less than 1 percent of the fish caught in Alaska stays there. We're striving to change that by reconnecting the dots of the seafood supply chain, while pursuing innovative solutions to the problems facing local fishermen. 

Our Fish

All six of our wild Alaskan species are individually landed by troll and longline fishermen. These gear types have some of the lowest impacts on the ocean environment, and produce some of the highest quality fish out there.